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The overall ambition of the Meet Your Purpose community is to create a digital coaching and learning service that allows all Europeans to reflect on their personal purpose on an ongoing basis. 

In addition, we will work on collective evaluations of purpose data so that the community of participants can start a collective sensemaking process on how aspects of purpose – e.g. values, needs or skills – develop and emerge over time for the entire EU. 

This overall ambition breaks down into three objectives: 

#1: To develop a web-based application that enables participants to reflect on their personal purpose on an ongoing basis, and that allows to aggregate purpose data on a European basis.

#2: To create awareness for the topic of personal purpose in the context of the current political and economic situation in Europe by building an engaged community of participants that contribute to a European discussion.

#3: To deliver visible results in short iterations by acting in user-centric ways during the entire project (Lean startup approach).

Supported by the Erasmus+ program, we see the horizontal priorities of common values, civic engagement and participation as well as inclusion and diversity as very timely. Current dynamics act as proof points for our value system, polarize how people engage in public, and put inclusion and diversity to the test. 

In 2020 and 2021 we conducted a research project across Europe to see how managers reacted to the pandemic. Our big take-away (published in the book “Kommunikation neu gedacht”, Haufe Verlag, 2021) was the significantly growing need and wish to reflect on the complex situation, and to come up with options for “how and for whom do we create value in the future?” We concluded that it needs a web-based application that makes it possible for EVERYONE to enter a reflective process. Our community will focus on a collective sensemaking process around the topic of purpose.

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